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10 July 2010 @ 09:54 pm
I kept meaning to come on here to blog an update of my life but I've been busy, as I mentioned I would be and when I'm not busy, all I want to do is pass out on our mattress. Which is the only furniture minus the TV and computer that are still in our home. Everything else is officially in storage. Whew. Kinda awkward typing on the floor of our kitchen but it's better than before when I was typing while sitting on top of my cat's scratching post. Yup, good times.

Before everything was packed up though I did manage to squeeze in some time to paint a picture of a calla lily. It is the first painting I have completed in about two and a half years. I've started paintings but never finished. I am an extremely impatient person who hates waiting for the layers to dry and if I can't get a HUGE chunk of the painting done in the first twelve hours, I will very likely not finish it. But I did I did! And I really like it. No, its not my finest and I know it is absolutely no where near fine art but for me, for the amount that I do paint, I'm happy. :)

Lyndon and I checked out the flea market last Sunday and for the first time in the several times we've been, I found something I liked! There was a set of modern, aluminum candle holders just sitting by their lonesome on a table full of crap. $8! I knew I had to have them and we managed to get them down a dollar (we aren't barterers...) I don't really need another pair of candle holders but at that price and the design... I mean, I can put them anywhere! Most likely they will end up in the master bedroom or bathroom... I've seen holders similar to this at Urban Barn for $30+ and that is just for the one! So, yeah, I was happy :)

I don't have photos uploaded yet but we also recently purchased two candle wall sconces that we are hoping we can use outside but if not they will work just as nicely beside the fireplace. $19 each at Bombay.... I was very pleased with the price. I also attempted to buy a mirror that was on for 50% off but Lyndon somehow decided it was gaudy (even though it would have been fabulous with the design I am aiming to achieve in the master bedroom)... but he did have a point that it might be just a smidge too large for the room. It would fit the wall size perfectly but not the room itself, if that makes sense. The master is sadly not the biggest so the mirror might just dwarf everything else. Oh well, I will continue my search, find something more modern for the hubby and better fitting for the size of the room ;)

Okay. I've had enough rambling for the night. My stomach is killing me and it's been a long day at work. I need sleep. Actually, what I really want to do is throw a movie on and not think for a little while buuut guess where my dvd collection is? This moving business kinda sucks right now. :\

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28 June 2010 @ 07:03 pm
I am tuckered out. Nood had a three day "yard" sale this weekend. I was fortunate enough to only have to work two of those days and not all three but that doesn't change the fact that I am now thoroughly exhausted. We had to move bins full of stock, boxes and furniture every morning and every night at closing. My poor, aching muscles.

But enough complaining. I had the Saturday off and it was spent at another yard sale. Lyndon's mom was selling off some of her furniture and accessories since she too will be moving and is looking to downsize. She has some fabulous goodies! I stole black on black damask napkins, placemats and a matching table runner, a crystal decanter with four goblets and finally this set of shutters that she had pulled of a castle that was in Fleetwood. She managed to sneak these off of the place before the city had it torn down. They are antique and the moment I saw them I thought these would be great featured with the fireplace. My thoughts are of layering them on the fireplace mantle with candle holders and possibly a mirror... Hm... food for thought!

I've started looking at cribs and crib bedding. Please note that I'm not pregnant. Not yet anyways. Well, actually, who knows haha! Kidding, I'm kidding. I feel like Lyndon is going to stalk this site now and question what the hell does that mean but psssshaw no, I'm not pregnant. I sure would like to be though haha! Uh, anyways, topic at hand. I'm looking for something unique but not expensive. Contradictory I know. I feel like one of those customers that drives me up the wall. I want the best product possible but I want to pay considerably less than what it's worth. The nice thing though is that I have time to really hunt down exactly what I want. And then dream about it until the day where I'm actually looking to buy it. Which, believe it or not, I do a lot of. It works though, at least I know its something I really truly like and not something I just bought in a panic. I'm rambling. I found a couple of interesting sites that have some funky, modern bedding and cribs. I really like the bold colors that are still soothing for the baby but interesting to look at as the mommy. This one in particular caught my eye...

I'm tired of pastel coated nurseries. I don't mind soft backgrounds but I want to see the fabrics (bedding and drapery) in the space bright and bold! :D

And there are the random ramblings of an exhausted, sore and insane woman. Peace!
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24 June 2010 @ 10:18 am
Whew. It has been quite some time. I've popped up periodically but I do have plans this time to stay on track. My husband and I recently purchased a townhouse and will be moving in at the end of July. It is a fixer upper and I am hoping to use this journal to log our journey to home perfection!

I should start things off by saying... I got married! Lyndon and I got engaged in May of 2009 and just recently tied the knot on May 15, 2010! We had the wedding in South Surrey near Crescent Beach at a little venue called Chateau Cargill. The ceremony was outside in their garden tent and afterwards we moved the party into their hall. You won't believe how nice and stress-free it is to have both the ceremony and reception at one location. With it being Vancouver we were understandably concerned about the weather but when the day came the sun was high with a few clouds in the sky. We honestly could not have asked for better! Really, there aren't enough words to express how happy I was that day. We were surrounded by our friends and family... the drinks were flowing and I just married the most amazing man... what else is there to say? :)

A few weeks prior to the big day we had put our house on the market. Lyndon purchased a house with his mother three years ago and we have been living in the 450 sqft coach house ever since. Needless to say, we were excited at the thought of getting out. It wasn't perfect timing because we had a lot on our plates with the wedding fast approaching. Every night there seemed to be some viewing where I would have to stop whatever wedding planning I was doing, tidy and then book it out of the house for half an hour. But in the end it was worth it. We sold it in about two weeks after the wedding and then the next day we started our own home search. To be honest, we were never quite sure if we were going to be able to get a mortgage from the bank because Lyndon had started his own company within the past year and apparently majority of banks will not give you a mortgage until the company is at least three years old. Either way it was a pleasant surprise when we heard back that we in fact could get a mortgage and we also could afford an older townhouse. At that point we thought we would only be able to afford a condo. We spent the next two days viewing a variety of listings but once we came across this one townhouse complex we knew that was where we wanted to spend the next few years.

We ended up with a 2 bed, 1 bath, 2-story townhouse. The complex was built in 1978 and thankfully none of the previous owners thought it was a good idea to change anything. We viewed a few places where homeowners had somehow decided they were electricians or plumbers and done some wacky things that would have resulted in a negative home inspection... so, we lucked out. Yes, there are things to change but it is always better to change what the builder put in than have to undo and then change what a previous, inexperienced homeowner has done. Another benefit of this place is that there is room to add a second bathroom. Trust me, I did not want a one bathroom home. But, I realized that in buying this place and adding a second bathroom, right away we will be adding to our equity. So, in the meantime, I will cope with the one bathroom. :)

While Lyndon and I do live in 450 sqft that didn't stop me from taking advantage of my discount at my previous and current places of employment. I work in furniture. I have an obsession with furniture. So, we have more than enough furniture for this new 1000 sqft home. The great thing about that is, the furniture is paid off. We don't have to worry about finding a new sofa or dining set. We can skip all that and put our money straight to things like flooring, paint, new kitchen, new bathroom, etc etc. With that said, I did say I have a furniture obsession so there might be a few smaller purchases along the way but nothing that will make a huge dent out of our pocketbooks!

Time for me to go... I do promise to update this journal as much as I can. Things will be chaotic in the next little bit and there will be a period of 2 weeks where I will be without a computer (we move out of our place on July 15 but don't take possession of the townhouse till July 31)... but I can't wait to show you guys some of the cool things we have planned for this new place!

Have a great day!
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